The Loss of Resilience to Stress in Aging: A Study on Biological Age-Reversal

Age and loss of ability to recover after stress

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A study published in Nature Communications by the research team at Gero, an Singapore biotech company, in collaboration with Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo NY, examined the relationship between aging, and the inability to recover from stress.

Scientists have recently reported promising examples of biological age reversement by experimental interventions. Many biological clocks accurately predict the number of years that a person will live if they adopt a healthy lifestyle or stop unhealthy habits, like smoking. It is still unknown how fast biological age changes over time and whether the fluctuations are real or transient.

The advent of big biomedical datasets involving multiple measurements of the same subject brings with it a range of new opportunities and tools for understanding and quantifying the aging process of humans. A team of experts from biology and biophysics has presented the results of an analysis of the dynamic properties of fluctuations in physiological indices over individual aging trajectory.


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