The Longevity Therapeutics Summit: Uncovering Secrets of Longevity and Exploring Therapeutic Potential

Longevity Therapeutics Summit

The Longevity Therapeutics Summit will take place at the Argonaut in San Francisco from January 29 to 31 2019. This conference offers a fantastic networking opportunity, with leading figures in the field of aging research presenting during the event.

The conference will last two days and include a workshop pre-conference hosted by Kelsey Moody, our friend from Ichor Therapeutics. Kelsey Moody will share his insights on launching and growing a successful biotech business, focusing in particular on the challenges of rejuvenation-biotechnology. It is a workshop that will be very informative and worth your time.

This conference will bring together leaders in the fields of biology, biotechnology and omics as well as investment and other areas to discuss ways to accelerate research on aging so that time between basic research to clinical application is kept as short as possible.


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