The Longevity Panel’s Insights on the Possibilities for Reversing Aging Part I

Part 1
Church talks about controlling aging as a fact, not a speculative idea, at 8:10. At 10:44, they urge caution, since it isn’t really about turning 67-year-olds into 20-year olds. Church mentions A.I. near the end. There is a possibility that all pathways could be hit at once.

Avi Roy, along with Nathan Cheng and Laura Minquini recently hosted the second Longevity Panel Discussion, which brought together some of the best minds in the field working to reverse aging and enhance health and life expectancy.

This discussion, like the first one, was meant to shed light on how people are approaching long-term health and to see if they were any closer to achieving this goal.

The presentation was divided into two parts: the first section consisted of an open discussion, guided by the questions of the hosts. The audience was invited to ask questions. The first part of the Longevity Panel will be the transcript. Enjoy!

Gowing Life has the complete transcript and additional links available on their website.…ng-part-1/

What are the questions?
How will you reverse aging?

12:06 — What is the best way to know if these new therapies, which are developed in laboratories or are brought into clinical trials, have an impact on aging?

23:36 — Richard Branson spent money on his trip to the space this weekend. While some saw it as a scientific feat and a 70-year-old man fulfilling a lifetime dream, others saw it as a billionaire spending money. The perception of longevity is also a problem. It’s seen as a fancy of the billionaires. Do you believe it’s important to change it and how?


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