The Last Generation To Die: Unlocking Longevity’s Future Through Gitcoin Awards

Longevity feature film

Everyone, good news! Good news, everyone!

Gitcoin Grants are crypto-based and operate under the \”Quadratic funding\” system. In other words: While amounts matter, the number of donors also matters, as it boosts matching funds from an established pool. Even small donations can make a big difference. We will match any donation you make.

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The film \”The Last Generation to Die\”, a full-length feature on longevity, is of cinematic quality. This is a futuristic drama that explores the estranged relationships between two generations at the brink of the end to aging.

Logline: A scientist attempts to save her dying father in a future where age-reversing therapies are nearing reality.

The Last Generation to Die began as a short film on Kickstarter, which was funded by 393%. It was created by a team of staff members. We are extending the life of that short film as a feature-length film. The short film, which received excellent reviews at a number of festivals, serves as proof-of concept for the feature length film.


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