The Journey to Longevity: Why and How We Can Live to 150 and Beyond

Why and How I want you to live to 150 years old
You can call me naive or crazy, but I believe we have the chance to combat aging in the 21st century. It’s simple, even if it isn’t easy.

The banner on this channel says it all. In this video, I explore my motivation and personal story. So you’ll be able to understand what motivates me.

Choose your role, and let’s get to work!
Best case — we will live an extra 20 years. Best case… we could stop aging or reverse it completely.


My budget for longevity over the next few years (immortality budget)

Extending lifespan on a budget.

This channel is based on the idea that everyone has a chance of living to 100 and beyond if they do these two things.
Changes in lifestyle that are easy, smart, and 80/20.
2) Joining forces to help each other, and causing ripples in the scientific and political world.
The sooner we begin, the better.


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