The Fear of Life Extension and Propaganda of Pro-Death

The argument that life extension is \”just a fear of death\”

This is a common response when discussing the extension of healthy human life spans. It is a common belief that the fear of death is what motivates scientists, advocates and supporters who are working to end age-related illnesses and rejuvenation biotechnology.

Today, war isn’t portrayed very well. We think of genocide, mass killing, and slaughter when we talk about war. And we want to put an end it. War is seen as bad by many people, and they want to end it. In the past, wars were not seen by many as a form of mindless violence, but rather as a noble act. Your family would be proud that you fought in the name your country, God, or whatever. People who refused to fight because they were afraid of death were considered cowards. They were not pacifists with a high moral fiber. They were even executed.

It seems absurd to us now, but it was normal back then. We’d probably say that people were crazy for believing this nonsense. But propaganda has a way of fooling us.

Modern-day death propaganda

The story has not ended yet. It could be due to the past glorification or the stale idea of \”the circle of life\”, a common coping strategy, or any combination of these. But at least under certain circumstances, fearing death is still viewed as a sign cowardice, and sometimes inferiority.


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