The Effects of Age Products on Kidney Function and Lifespan

AGE Products: Impact of Hyperglycemia and Kidney Function on Lifespan
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The video includes references to papers:
Oral glycotoxins are used to determine the effect of calorie restriction in oxidant stress and age-related diseases.

Reduced oxidant stresses and prolonged lifespan in mice fed a low-glycotoxin diet : association with AGER1 expression.

Gut microbiota drives age-related oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in microglia via the metabolite N 6-carboxymethyllysine.

Plasma Carboxymethyl-Lysine, an Advanced Glycation End Product, and All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Older Community-Dwelling Adults.

The circulating receptors of advanced glycation products and the cardiovascular mortality rate in older women living in communities are predicted.


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