The Case Against Death: The Badness of Human Mortality and Refuting Arguments for Death by Ingemar P. Linden

The Case Against Death

By Ingemar Patrick Linden

A philosopher argues against our culture’s acceptance of death and instead advocates radical life extension, anti-aging research, and the desire for science.

Ingemar P. Linden’s main claim is that Death is Evil. He writes passionately for radical life extension and antiaging science in this comprehensive refutation to the most common arguments that support human mortality. Scientists may be on the verge of creating a new condition in which they will try to cure aging by overcoming the age limit set arbitrarily. However, the book is not about life extension science or technology, but rather whether we should desire more life. Linden’s answer is \”yes\” loud and clear.

Our culture is deeply rooted in the acceptance of death. Linden explores the perspectives of \”death’s ardent advocate\” philosophers of the past such as the Buddha, Socrates and Plato. They all taught \”the Wise view,\” which is that we shouldn’t fear death. Linden examines the arguments that are used to support death. These include that aging and dying is natural, death is harmless, life is overrated and living longer is boring. He ends with a dialogue about the \”badness of human mortality.\” Although Linden admits that The Case Against Death, is a polemic that is negative, he defends it by saying that the badness is a function the goodness of life.


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