Technology and Longevity: Could 100 be the new 60?

Science is nearing the ‘longevity-escape velocity’, where it can extend your lifespan by more than an year for each year that you live.

The possibility that 100-year-olds might be the new 60 : A GREAT SLOGAN without the \”I word\” (Immortality)! Share this article with your non-science friends. It’s light on the hard science but has a good emotional impact. That slogan is catchy.

The technology has not only improved our lives, but also made them longer.

Throughout most of human history, the average lifespan was 25 years. At the turn of 20th century we began to see a real acceleration in our lives. We now live into our 80s, thanks to everything from antibiotics, to better sanitation, to clean water and to our ability to combat killers such as cancer and heart diseases. Many scientists think we won’t stop there.

This conviction is fueled by the convergence of technology. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and sensors, as well as massive datasets in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and robotics are all convergent technologies that directly target the human lifespan.


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