Swiss scientists crack the secret to muscle recovery and age-related fatigue by using Urolithin A.

Swiss scientists crack age-related fatigue and muscle recovery

A new supplement stimulates the body’s natural process to promote muscle recovery. According to new research, urolithin A plays a key role in improving muscle strength and prolonging physical activity. This is important because muscles diminish with age.

Longevity. We are discovering new obstacles as fast as we uncover the secrets of Urolithin A. Urolithin A is a metabolite that the body makes from raw materials found in fruits, primarily pomegranates. However, it is not made by everyone. Mitopure can help.

The older we are, the more tired we become and the less energy that we have. But maybe this doesn’t need to be the case. Our mitochondria are tiny organelles with a powerful punch when it’s time to produce energy. These tiny powerhouses use oxygen and glucose to create a chemical known as adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is used by our bodies for growth, movement and repair.


Swiss scientists crack muscle recovery, repairing age-related fatigue

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