Study Establishes Price for Added Years: Economic Gains from Delaying Aging

A study finds that delaying aging would bring economic gains of trillions of dollars.

Researchers have now used US health and economic data to determine the value of such an intervention. They showed in a Nature Aging paper that treatments to slow down aging can be worth US$38 trillion per extra year they give people.

It’s not the first time that someone has attempted to quantify the benefits of slowing down aging. The authors cite a study published in Health Affairs in 2013, which found that a 2.2 year increase in life expectancy can be worth up to $7.1 trillion in 50 years.

This new study, however, uses a different method, called value of statistical life. It is the measure that various US agencies use to determine how much people are willing to pay in order to reduce their mortality risk. This measure incorporates health, leisure and consumption concepts and measures quality of life as well as quantity.


Delaying Aging Would Bring Trillions of Dollars in Economic Gains, Study Finds

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