Steve Perry presents the latest age reversal breakthrough with GDF11 update

Steve Perry updates GDF11 on Age Reversal
GDF11 is a natural (meaning you already have it) endogenous signaling molecule that is primarily responsible for stem cell DNA repair. Many believe that the decline in GDF11 levels is the primary cause of aging. Exogenous GDF11 is able to repair enough senescent cells to allow you to age back 5-10 years.

Steve will spend some time answering questions and providing information about the topic.

\”I have always been interested to stop the aging process. As a software guy for most of my life, along with plenty evidence from parabiosis tests, I believe that lifespan is programmed through natural selection.

GDF11 is a naturally-occurring peptide that is found in the blood. GDF11’s molecular structure is the same in all vertebrate animals. GDF is already in your body, but you do not have enough unless you’re 18.

GDF11 works by repairing stem-cell DNA. GDF11 decreases with age. As you age, stem cell colonies atrophy and diminish, ultimately leading to catastrophic failure, which is death. This process can be stopped by injecting endogenous GDF11. My goal over the past two years was to improve the GDF11 dosage process.


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