Stanford researchers find a way to reverse cellular aging.

Rewinding the clock on aging cells

Stanford University researchers report that they are able to rejuvenate human cell by reprogramming the cells back into a youthful condition. The researchers hope the technique can be used to treat diseases such as osteoarthritis, muscle loss, and other conditions caused by aging tissue cells.

The accumulation of errors in the epigenome – the system of proteins which packages DNA and controls its access to genes – is believed to be a major factor that causes aging. Stanford’s team led by Tapash Sarkar, Dr. Thomas A. Rando, and Vittorio Sebastiao says that their method to reverse these mistakes and return the cells to a youthful state does restore vigor to the cells and eliminate the signs of aging.

In their report published in Nature Communications on Tuesday, the researchers described their technique \”as a significant step towards the goal of reversing cell aging.\” They also said that their technique could lead to therapies \”for aging, and age-related diseases.\”


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