SENS Research Foundation and Dr. Aubrey de Grey discuss the potential of Senolytics.

Undoing Aging with Aubrey de Grey, Part Two

The second half of LEAF’s conversation with the SENS Research Foundation is now available!

This is part two of the Undoing Aging interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, and his team from SENS Research Foundation. We have some answers to the questions the SENS community asked about science.

Are you worried about the potential for senolytics to remove highly-specialized cells, such as cardiomyocytes that do not or very slowly divide? Can senolytics be dangerous if they are not combined with therapies that replace the specialized cells lost?

Aubrey: There are a couple of reasons why this isn’t a big deal. As a result, ablating the cells will not affect their function. Cells that do not divide (such as cardiomyocytes or neurons) are less likely to be senescent. Many of the factors that lead to senescence have to do with cell division. Third, the cardiomyocytes are already showing significant improvements in cardiovascular health and cardiac function in rodents [1].


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