Senescent cells: A significant contributor to Degenerative Disk Disease

Senescent cells as a contributing cause of degenerative disc disease
FightAging’s article on degenerative disk disease (DDD) and senescent cell syndrome: \”… The fact that so many older people are unaware of this is a shame. There are hundreds of millions who suffer when they don’t have to. …\”

It is unlikely that anyone who has been following the field will be surprised to hear that the accumulation senescent cell is a major cause of degenerative disk disease. Although the evidence provided by a mouse-based study in this open access article doesn’t prove that claim, it is still compelling. It is reasonable to expect that cellular senescence, which is associated with arthritis, a localized chronic inflammatory disease, would also play a role in degeneration of the intervertebral disks. This is another condition of ageing in which inflammation is important.

Even if senescent cells are present in relatively small numbers, they produce a powerful mix of molecules which can cause chronic inflammation, and damage the tissue surrounding them. Early senolytics, which have been shown in animal studies to kill a significant fraction of senescent cell cells, are inexpensive and easily available for anyone who wants to do this experiment. It’s a shame that so few people over 60 know about this. There are hundreds of millions of older people suffering in silence when they don’t have to.


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