Sebastian Aguiar, a member of the Longevity Investment Network, explores the rejuvenation biotechnology industry.

Longevity Investor Network Member Spotlight: Sebastian Aguiar

Sebastian Aguiar, a member of the Longevity Investor Network, discusses biotechnology’s rejuvenation and the need to bridge the gap between R&D and research.

Sebastian Aguiar, a Venture Fellow with Apollo Ventures is an investor and company builder who focuses on the aging market. He invests in Europe and America. He can be found at and

What first attracted you towards aging as a discipline in general?

Cells have already solved the problem of aging. The germline is immortal. Cancer cells are also immortal. Cellular immortality is a problem that has been solved for over 3.5 billions years, ever since life began on Earth. The soma, which is all cells except the reproductive ones, are thrown away.


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