Scientists successfully produce the first genetically engineered marsupials

Scientists create first genetically modified marsupial

At this point, we probably should immortalize all animals:

The advancement promises to unlock new insight into human biology and diseases, helping to study everything from the developing immunity system to tissue renewal to skin cancer.

Hiroshi K. Kiyonari, developmental biologist and study lead author, said in an email that studying biodiversity was not only about learning the biology of some interesting organisms but also for a better knowledge of human biology.

His team began to work on the opossum problem five years ago. The first hurdle was to collect the zygotes at the correct time. Ideal would be to collect them before they started dividing. You can ensure that all cells of the animal will have your DNA changes if you inject CRISPR during this stage. If you do it later, some cells will be edited but not others – a less desirable outcome called mosaicism. The shell coat of the fertilized egg has not had time to become thicker.


In world’s first genetically engineered marsupials, scientists get a fresh window into human biology

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