Scientists Discover Genetic Biomarkers for Longer Life

Scientists discover longevity biomarkers

A group of international scientists examined the effects of 17 interventions to extend lifespan on the gene activity of mice and discovered genetic markers of longevity. Their study was published in Cell Metabolism.

There are dozens of interventions that can extend the life of living organisms, from yeast to mammals. Chemical compounds (e.g. Genetic interventions (e.g. Mutations associated with disruptions in growth hormone synthesis, e.g. Caloric restriction) These interventions are targeting certain targets. There is no clear understanding yet of the molecular systemic mechanisms that lead to longevity extension.

A group of scientists at Skoltech and Harvard University, along with Moscow State University, decided to fill in this gap by identifying crucial molecular mechanisms associated with longevity. They examined the effect of different interventions to extend lifespan on gene activity in mice, a model organism that is closely related with humans.


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