Revolutionizing Regenerative medicine: Synthetic tissue offers hope for heart, muscle, and vocal cord repair

Synthetic tissue can be used to repair heart muscles and vocal cords

Scientists from McGill University combine knowledge of chemistry and physics with biology and engineering to develop a biomaterial that is tough enough for the repair of heart, muscles and vocal cords. This represents a major advancement in regenerative medical.

People recovering from heart injury often have a long, difficult journey. Healing can be difficult because tissues are constantly moving as the heart beats. It is the same for vocal cords. \”Until now, there was no material that could be injected strong enough to do the job,\” said Guangyu BAO, a PhD student in McGill University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The team led by Professor Luc Mongeau, and Assistant Professor Jianyu, has developed a new hydrogel injectable for wound healing. The hydrogel, a biomaterial type, provides space for cells to grow and live. The biomaterial, once injected, forms a porous, stable structure that allows live cells to pass through and repair injured organs.


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