Reversing Chronic inflammation and age-related conditions: Discoverion of a molecular ‘Switch.’

The Molecular Switch reverses Chronic Inflammation and Aging

Chronic inflammation can cause a wide range of diseases from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and cancer.

Scientists at the University of California Berkeley have now identified a molecular switch that controls the immune system responsible for chronic inflammation. The findings, published online in Cell Metabolism on February 6, could help to reverse or stop many age-related diseases.

My lab is interested in the reversibility and aging,\” said Danica Chen, senior author, an associate professor at UC Berkeley of metabolic biology. In the past, we have shown that stem cells aged over 30 years old can be rejuvenated. We are now asking, to what extent is aging reversible? We are looking at physiological conditions like insulin resistance and inflammation that have been linked to aging-related diseases and degeneration.\”


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