Reversing Aging Clock: The TRIIM study reveals surprising results

First Age Reversal Results – Is HGH or something else?

The TRIIM study made headlines in the science world yesterday, but the original research article is still not available on the Aging cell website. You saw it here first. You can read the full article in Nature’s News. I will also add to this column my own personal interpretation and what I have learned about the study through personal contact with its authors and a subject. The epigenetic clock was set back by several methylation measurements. Nine subjects did not age a full year during the trial. Instead, they aged a half year less, on average. This was based on the Horvath clock version that predicts longevity. The original purpose of the study was to regrow thymus. Loss of thymus functions has been associated with the collapse of immune systems that typically occurs before the age of 70. Blood tests and imaging showed improved immune function. The treatment included.


1st Age Reversal Results—Is it HGH or Something Else?

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