Reversing Ageing: Investigating Cellular Reprogramming Possibilities

Reverse aging by cellular reprogramming ?
The lecture was very informative and included both technical information and analogies.

David Sinclair’s latest study has used cellular reprograming to restore sight in aged mice and more! It’s possible to reverse aging.

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Intro — 00:00
Ageing is the loss of information – 00:45
Correction device & epigenetics — 02:49
Yamanaka factors and OSKM — 04;45
Study results from Sinclair Lab — 07:25
Ageing reversed — 10:29
Working model — 12:00
Cellular reprogramming of humans? — 12:36.

Lu, Y., Brommer, B., Tian, X. et al. Reprogramming for recovering youthful epigenetic data and restoring vision. Nature 588 (2020), 124-129.
In Vivo Amelioration… —
Yamanaka —
News & Views article —

Icons in intro; \”\”Background vector created by freepik —


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