Rejuvenating Immune System: Power of Young Microbiota for Boosting Vaccines

Microbiota that is ‘young’ can boost immunity and reverse the ageing process.

The microbiota is a collective term for trillions of microbes found in every human. Recent research on how these microbes impact the immune system could explain why older people have a greater vulnerability to disease.

Scientists from The University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute led by Professor Neil Mabbott discovered that mice ageing showed a significant decrease in M cells in the lining of their gut. These cells are specially trained to detect infections and initiate the first stages of an immune response. A weaker immune system is caused by fewer M cells. Researchers also found that older mice had a depleted microbiota in comparison to younger mice. The microbiota was less diverse, and some species that are known to reduce inflammation in the human gut were absent.


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