Rapamycin’s anti-aging effects revealed through DNA storage modification

Rapamycin alters the way DNA is stored

Immortal gut biome o.o

The genetic material in our body cells is stored in a certain way in order to fit the DNA molecule, which measures a meter in length, into the cell nucleus. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging in Cologne, University College London, University of Michigan and CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research, University of Cologne have been able show that Rapamycin, an anti-aging drug, specifically targets gut cells to change the way DNA is stored inside the cells. This promotes gut health, longevity and gut health. This effect was observed in mice and flies. Researchers believe that this discovery will lead to new therapeutic options against aging.

In every nucleus cell of our bodies, we find DNA. This DNA molecule in humans is two meters long, yet it can fit into a cell nucleus that is only a few millimeters. The DNA is stored precisely. This is done by wrapping the DNA around histone proteins several times. The amount of DNA that is wrapped around histones determines the genes that can be read. The amount of histones varies with age in many species. It was not clear until now whether the changes in histone levels in cells could be used to slow down aging in living organisms.

The well-known antiaging compound has a new target

Rapamycin is a drug that has shown positive effects in the elderly. \”Rapamycin inhibits the TOR pathway, which regulates a broad spectrum of basic cellular functions such as energy status, nutritional status and stress. We use rapamycin, in short, to fine-tune cellular metabolism’s master regulator,\” says Yu-Xuan Lu. She is a postdoc at Linda Partridge’s department and the first author of this study. \”We know histone levels are critical to the aging process. We did not know if there was a connection between the TOR pathway and histone level, or if histone levels were a druggable target for anti-aging.


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