Radical Environmentalism & Transhumanism – Conflicting Futures for Humanity

Radical Environmentalism and Transhumanism – Symptoms of a Single Disease

Wesley J. Smith, a #transhumanism critic, has written a new article on my most recent article:

Oh my. The two most important anti-human utopian movements of our time — radical environmentalism and materialistic transhumanism — appear to be on the brink of a bitter confrontation.

It makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it. Both movements consider themselves the only hope for the future. Their core purposes are not compatible. Radical environmentalists – \”nature rights\” activists and deep ecologists as well as Gaia theory proponents and other travelers who elevate nature over humanity – have hijacked traditional environmentalism and transformed it into a mystical, neoearth religion which despises homo sapiens and views us parasites afflicting our planet. They want to stop us from thriving on the land to \”save our planet.\” I believe they’d even forcefully revert to hunter-gatherer life if they had the power.

Transhumanism, on the other hand, denigrates nature and human life, and, worst of all ends in death. They want to be able to perform extraordinary feats without working for them. Transhumanism is more interested in overcoming human nature with technology than pursuing virtue. In fact, movement prophets have predicted the \”Singularity,\” a discrete moment in history when unstoppable cascading technologies will allow transhumanists \”to seize control of human evolutionary\” and reengineer them into an immortal \”posthuman species.\”

Zoltan Istvan, one transhumanism’s most creative apologists who ran for President in 2016 with a platform of overcoming death, broke the intellectual peace. He toured the country in a bus that looked like a coffin and earned a lot of media attention. Istvan, in a frontal attack on the presumption that contemporary environmentalism is sacred, writes \”nature isn’t sacred.\” (Can you hear the gasping?) ), but he committed an even worse anti-environmentalist sin by arguing that \”we should replace it.\”


Radical Environmentalism and Transhumanism: Symptoms of the Same Disease

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