Pulsechain Crypto Drive Raises $24 Million for SENS Research

Pulsechain Crypto Drive Raises $25 Million for SENS Antiaging research
After 5 days, Pulsechain raised $25,000,000.00 for medical research on anti-aging. Follow the SENS.org instructions for PulseChain. SENS.org sacrifices during the sacrifice phase will earn you 25% less points than sacrifices made at Pulse.info. SENS.org accepts stocks and bank wires. After the sacrifice phase, all chains supported and the SENS.org Report are added up to total the sacrifice points of each address (at the same Metamask address). The total points of each sacrificer are then ranked from the largest to the smallest.

SENS Research Foundation is working to develop, advance, and provide widespread access to therapies to cure and prevent diseases and disabilities associated with aging. This includes repairing all the damage our bodies accumulate over time. SENS is changing the way that the world treats and researches age-related illnesses, while inspiring the future generation of biomedical researchers. Aubrey Dr Grey and SENS are the leaders in repairing damage caused by aging to reverse ageing effects. Since over 20 years, they have led the research for repairing aging damage.

Crypto-world has shown great support for SENS’ antiaging research. SENS received $2.4 million in Ethereum donations from Vitalik Buterin. Vitalik Buterin is the cofounder of Ethereum, and also the cofounder of Bitcoin Magazine.


$25 Million Raised for SENS Antiaging Research Via Pulsechain Crypto Drive

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