Proof of Concept: Telomerase activation as an effective treatment against pulmonary fibrosis in mice

Researchers Cure Mice with Lung Fibrosis Using a Single Gene Treatment

The disease idiopathic lung fibrosis, which is associated with critically shortened telomeres and lacks an effective and reliable treatment at the moment, has been cured in mice using telomerase therapy to lengthen short teleomeres. Researchers from the Telomere and Telomerase Group of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre CNIO have cured the illness in mice by using telomerase to lengthen the short telomeres.

Proof of concept for a treatment that is effective against pulmonary fibroids

In their publication[1], the authors of this research have claimed that it is \”proof-of-concept that telomerase activated represents an effective treatment for pulmonary fibrosis\”.


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