Promote Healthy Life Extension – Experiences with Outreach Opportunities

Pursuing Outreach Opportunities

We have today the transcript of \”Pursuing outreach opportunities:’s experiences in promoting healthy life extension\”, a speech that LEAF Outreach director Elena Milova recently gave at TransVision 2018 a transhumanist event in Madrid, Spain.

This is the transcript for \”Pursuing outreach opportunities:’s Experiences in Promoting Healthy life Extension\”, a presentation that LEAF Outreach director Elena Milova made at TransVision 2018, an international transhumanist event in Madrid, Spain.

Elena Milova is my name, and I am a member of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation. This non-profit organisation has its headquarters in New York City. We support research into regenerative therapies, which could make life healthier and longer for humans. We have created the non-profit crowdsourcing platform to do this. To date, we’ve raised more than $300,000 in support of seven scientific projects. We are running a campaign in support of David Sinclair’s NAD+ Mouse Project, a study on NMN and the effect it has on mice’s healthy lifespan.

Our other focus is to inform the public of the rejuvenation therapy’s potential.


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