Professor Rodolfo’s Experiment: An Update on the Effects of Young Blood Plasma in Rats’ Maximum Lifespan

Professor Rodolfo Goya’s Experiment Update
Note: Do not treat the rats until death. The rats are 31 months old and have survived without treatment for 38 months. A small number of people who have tried this method still appear old, even though they are free from ailments such as arthritis.

Recently, we received an update from Dr. Katcher’s first experiment in India. Professor Rodolfo is now conducting a follow-up to that experiment. This video provides an overview of the latest update and a brief introduction to the history.

Nicolas Chernavsky recently also did an interview with Didier Coeurnelle which discussed the update, which you can find here :

Our earlier videos on the previous experiment and interview with Dr. Katcher are in this playlist

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