Polycarpa Mytiligera: Unlocking the Secrets of Biological Regeneration

Polycarpa Mytiligera is able to regrow its entire organs after being dissected in three pieces

This little worm may not seem like much but it could be the key to biological regeneration.

Researchers made a remarkable discovery by using a creature that is common in the Gulf of Eilat. Polycarpa Mytiligera is a species ascidian that lives in the Gulf of Eilat and can regenerate its organs. Researchers discovered that the animal could regenerate its organs, even after being dissected in three pieces.

Scientists find this a remarkable discovery, as it is an animal that belongs to the Phylum Chordata. This group includes animals with a dorsal chord, including humans. It is not unusual for animals to be able to regenerate their own organs. The gecko, for example, can regrow its own tail. It’s rare for animals to be able regrow their entire body systems.

Scientists have found a creature that can regenerate organs, even when it is broken into three parts. Each piece knows exactly how to restore the functions of the missing body systems in a short time. According to Tal Gordon, project researcher, an ascidian has two openings on its body and a central organ that looks like a pasta strainer.


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