Political Ideology and Pursuit of Ever Young

The relationship between political ideology and the pursuit of staying forever young

According to a new study, US conservatives are more likely to want to remain forever young than their liberal counterparts.

In a world defined by an ageing population, the desire to appear younger is so strong that it is predicted that the anti-aging market will grow by hundreds billions of dollars in only a few short years. This study aims to examine how political ideology influences the desire to look younger. We suggest that conservatives are more likely to accept the ideal of youthful beauty and pursue physical youth. This is based on previous research that shows political conservatism to be related to accepting norms and values as well as having strict limits for social perceptions, and sensitivity to threats and losses. A pilot study revealed that anti-aging questions were more popular in US states with higher political conservatism. A survey of American participants found that conservatives were more interested in maintaining their youth and had a more resolute attitude towards aging. They also showed a higher preference for anti-aging benefits compared to moderates and liberals. These findings add to the literature on ageism, political psychology and body ideals by showing the link between political ideology, the pursuit of youth and beauty ideal.


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