Polina Mamoshina, a pioneer of AI Healthcare Revolution

Polina Mamoshina: The beginning of a new AI healthcare revolution
The beginning of the AI revolution in healthcare is insilico medicine.

Interview with Poly Mamoshina at the Undoing Aging Conference in Berlin 2019.

Polina Mamoshina, a senior researcher scientist, is part of the Oxford University Computer Science Department’s computational biology team. She works at Insilico Medicine, Inc. (www.insilico.com), an innovative bioinformatics company based in Baltimore that focuses on drug discovery and biomarker research. Polina Mamoshina is a graduate of the Department of Genetics at the Moscow State University. She was one of several winners of GeneHack, a 48-hour Russian hackathon on Bioinformatics held at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Hundreds of young bioinformaticians attended. Polina is working on multiple deep-learning projects in the Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence division at Insilico Medicine. She works on the drug-discovery engine, as well as developing biochemistry and transcriptome-based nucleic acids-based biomarkers for aging and diseases. She has co-authored 7 academic papers published in peer-reviewed journal.




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