Placenta stem cells: Unlocking their potential for Regenerative Medicine

Startup Proposes Using Placenta Stem Cells for Regenerative medicine
\”Our ultimate goal is to make 60 years old look like 100.\”

New research on stem cells from the placenta could revolutionize regenerative medicine. Peter Diamandis – founder of Singularity University and X-Prize – recently teamed with Robert Hariri – founder of Celgene Cellular Therapeutics – to study stem cells from placentas in hopes of finding new regenerative treatments.

Celularity is an initiative that was built on the idea stem cells from the placenta of a human (which transports nutrients as fetuses grow) can be used to regenerate tissue and organs. Celularity claims that the cells from a placenta can be used to regenerate tissue and organs in any person without risking rejection.


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