!Peter Diamandis: Nunca Envejecer esta llegando! Conversacion con Mark Hyman

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Excerpt from a conversation between Peter Diamandis & Mark Hyman

The description of the video contains a link to the original video, which includes the complete conversation.

Mark Hyman speaks with Peter Diamandis on the future of longevity interventions, and why we will not always think of aging the way we do now.

Peter Diamandis, among other things, is the executive-founder of Singularity University. This Silicon Valley institution offers graduate-level advice to world leaders about exponentially growing technology.

He is the founder and executive chair of the XPRIZE Foundation. This foundation leads the world when it comes to designing and operating large incentive competitions.

To watch the entire conversation clic here: https://youtu.be/QW_FCnQoeeQ


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