Peter Diamandis explores the ethical implications of CRISPR and AI at Summit LA19

CRISPR, AI & Brain Machine Interface: The Future is Faster Than What You Think, Peter Diamandis
Star Trek is only bad because they made the Borg evil.

New technologies can solve many of the most pressing problems in the world. CRISPR Cas9 is a controversial gene-editing technology that will help improve agricultural yields and cure genetic disorders. It can also be used to eradicate infectious diseases such as malaria. CRISPR, and other disruptive technologies like brain-machine interactions and artificial intelligence pose complex ethical and philosophical questions. Peter Diamandis is perhaps the best person to answer these questions. He founded the XPRIZE Foundation, co-founded Singularity University, and Human Longevity Inc. Peter Diamandis will present a state-of-the-union on the near future, and will explore the profound ethics implications of the ongoing technological revolution.

This speech was recorded at Summit LA19.

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