Partial Cellular Reprogramming: A Promising Tool for Reversing Cellular Aging

Cellular Aging Reversed by Partial Cellular Programming

In previous articles we have discussed the potential for partial cellular reprograming. Today, we would like to bring your attention to a paper that promises a more refined reversal in epigenetic aging of cells.

Our cells undergo epigenetic marker changes as we age. This alters gene expression and is thought to be the primary cause of aging. Recent interest has grown in resetting epigenetic marks to reverse cellular ageing. This paper builds on this. is a biotech firm founded by three of the study’s researchers, Vittorio Sebastiano (Professor), Jay Sarkar (Jay Sarkar) and Marco Quarta. The company is working on bringing partial cellular reprograming to humans. Gary Hudson, CEO of Oisin Biotechnologies is currently leading the company. He is helping the company to get funded and off the ground.


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