Organic Internet: Exploring the Possibility that Mushrooms Are an Extraterrestrial Singularity [VIDEO]

Organic Internet: Mushrooms are a highly evolved extraterrestrial species.
Isn’t that a crazy idea? It is crazy to think that mushrooms are alien life. Before you dismiss this theory, consider some of its principles. The brilliant psychonaut philosopher Terrence McNna formulated the main concept, which follows these lines.

The spores from mushrooms are the only form of life that is almost perfect for space travel. The spores can survive extreme temperatures and vacuum. Their casing is so dense with electrons that McKenna describes it as being almost like a metal. Global currents have even been able to form in the airborne spore’s quasi-metallic coating, acting to repel the radiation. It’s amazing to think that something so perfect for exploring the universe could have evolved.

Chances are, if a civilization has advanced enough to be able to change their genetic structure, they will have a better understanding of the world than we do. It would make sense to evolve into a mushroom if they were advanced enough. Mushrooms have a high level of resilience, are non-invasive and almost immortal. They also contain neurotransmitters. This would be a great way to explore the galaxy and colonize it. Once mushrooms have established themselves, mycelium creates an underground network that is similar to the neural networks in the brain or internet.


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