OneSkin’s revolutionary skin cream: Interview with Carolina Reis Oliveira.

Healthy skin with OneSkin — Interview//Presentation with Carolina Reis Oliveira
Oneskin – the first skin cream to destroy senescent cell:

Carolina Reis Oliveira and I discuss all of these topics in relation to skin. OneSkin can help you achieve a healthy, glowing skin.

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0:00 — Logo & Title.
0:17 — H! & Intro.
1:40 — Presentation.
Skin Health — Longevity.
The Root Cause of Aging.
Senescent Cells.
Current solutions.
OneSkin Approach.
Let’s Dive Deeper into the Science.
Replicating Skin Aging.
Developing an Algorithm to Measure Skin Aging.
A Drug Discovery Process.
Senotherapeutic Compounds.
OS1 & UVB Radiation.
OS1 — Validate effects in 3D models.
OS1 — Treatment in Skin Biopsies.
OS1 — Safety.
OS1 — Clinical Study Results.
OS1 — Applications Beyond Skin.
28:07 — Q&A and the Conversation.
28:25 — Futuristic psychology & Spirituality
31:34 — Myths about Immortality
34:20 – The Collective Rejuvenation
37:10 — Bio-Hygiene
41:56 — Cellular Senescence
46:00 — The Molecular Clock
48:04 — The Morphogenesis Of A Scar
51:15 – Differences between skin types on the body.
52:35 — Different Skin Types and Races.
54:44 — Skin conditions
56:03 — Closing and Ending


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