No need for young blood to rejuvenate with diluted plasma

In mice, diluted blood plasma can rejuvenate tissue and reverse aging

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley made a surprising discovery in 2005. They found that conjoined mice, which are twins who share the same blood and organs, can rejuvenate tissues and reverse signs of aging. This discovery sparked an explosion of research to determine if a youngster’s blood could contain molecules or proteins that would serve as a “fountain for youth” in mice and humans.

A new study from the same team has shown that the age-reversing effect can be achieved simply by diluting blood plasma of older mice. No need for young blood.

The team discovered that pairing with young mice, or doing a young blood exchange, had the same rejuvenating effects or even stronger than replacing half the blood plasma in old mice with albumin and saline. Albumin replaces the protein lost when the original plasma was removed. The same procedure was performed on young mice without any adverse effects.


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