Nir Barzilai from the Albert Einstein Medical School and TAME Q&A: Unlocking Secrets of Aging

Nir Barzilai, Albert Einstein School of Medicine
More TAME! This first section contains a large amount of results data.

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Nir Barzilai, Albert Einstein School of Medicine.
TAME Q&A – Lessons on Aging.

About Nir Barzilai:
Nir Barzilai is Professor of Endocrinology Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He also holds the Ingeborg & Ira Leon Rennert chair of Aging Research in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Barzilai founded the Institute for Aging Research in Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is also the Director of the Nathan Shock Center for Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging. The center is funded by the National Institutes of Health. It coordinates 80 investigators, and six programs projects in the biology of aging. He is the director of Glenn Center of Excellence in Biology of Human Aging. He is also a professor of medicine, genetics and member of the Diabetes Research Center as well as the endocrinology division and geriatrics. Dr. Barzilai is interested in several basic mechanisms of aging biology, such as the biological effects nutrients have on life extension and genetic factors that determine life span. In NIH-funded research, his team identified many genes that are associated with longevity in humans. They also characterized the phenotypes and genotypes of people who have exceptional longevity. A NIH Merit Award was also given to him for his research on the metabolic decline associated with aging and how it impacts longevity. Dr. Barzilai is the author of more than 270 peer reviewed papers, book chapters and reviews. Dr. Barzilai is on the editorial boards, advisory boards and review boards of several pharmaceutical companies and start-ups. He also serves as a journal reviewer. Dr. Barzilai is a Beeson Fellow in Aging Research and has won many other prestigious awards. He was awarded the Senior Ellison Foundation Award in addition to the Irving S. Wright Award for Distinction for Aging Research in 2010, the NIA Nathan Shock Award for merit and a merit from the NIA. In 2018, he received the IPSEN Award for Longevity. He is the leader of the TAME Trial (Targeting/Taming Aging With Metformin), a multi-center trial to prove that the multimorbidities associated with aging in humans can be delayed and to change FDA indications for the next generation of interventions. He is the founder of CohBar Inc., a public company now, and a Medical Advisor for Life Biosciences. He is a member of AFAR’s board and a founder of the Academy for Lifespan and Healthspan. He has appeared in a number of major publications, TV shows, documentaries, and TEDx events. He has also been consulted or given presentations on the topic of aging to The Singapore Prime Minister Office and several international banks, The Vatican and Pepsico. In June 2020, St. Martin’s Press will publish his book Age Later: Life Span and Health Span in the New Science of Longevity.


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