New Study Reveals Clues to Memory Loss in Aging Social Interactions

A new study shows that memory for personal interactions decreases as we age

The inability to recall the face of someone you spoke with just hours ago is one of the most distressing aspects of memory loss as we age. Researchers don’t know why this happens, but a recent study at the University of Maryland School of Medicine has given some new insights. The study was published in the September 8 issue of Aging Cell.

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism within neurons that leads to the decline of memories related to these social interactions as mice age. They were also able to reverse the memory loss in the laboratory.

Researchers report that they have identified a target in the brain which could be used one day to develop therapies to prevent or reverse memory decline due to normal aging. Memory problems caused by aging are different from those that result from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. There are currently no medications available that can reverse or prevent cognitive decline caused by typical aging.


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