Navigating Investment Opportunities in the Age of Longevity: Patrick Burgermeister of KIZOO Technology Ventures

Patrick Burgermeister, KIZOO Technology Ventures: Investing for the Age of Longevity in 2022
Patrick Burgermeister of KIZOO Technology Ventures speaks at Investing in the Age of Longevity, 2022. Patrick Burgermeister gives an overview on KIZOO Technology Ventures investment strategy. He focuses in particular on mission-driven investments into early stage companies which open up new categories of treatments. Patrick presents six biotech companies that are part of KIZOO Technology Ventures’ key investments. These include Cellvie, Revel, Cyclarity, LIfT BioSciences, Elastrin, and Mogling Bio.

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The event Investing in Age of Longevity 2022 took place in London, on the 17th November 2022. The masterclass, which lasted one day, featured presentations by scientists and business leaders on the cutting edge. Participants got the inside scoop on the newest aging-related investments and discoveries.

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