NASA Announces Extending ISS until 2030 and Calls for Collaboration

NASA bids to extend the life of the ISS through 2030

The Minister calls on all agencies to play their part.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced on Friday that the Biden Administration has committed to extending the operation of the International Space Station through 2030 and to continuing to cooperate with international partners from Europe (ESA, European Space Agency), Japan, (JAXA), Canada, (CSA, Canadian Space Agency) and Russia for research.

The International Space Station has been a symbol of international collaboration in science for over 20 years. It has brought humanity enormous technological, scientific and educational advances. Nelson stated that he was pleased with the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to continue station operations until 2030.

The United States’ participation in the ISS program will improve innovation and competitiveness. It will also advance research and technology to enable NASA to send the first women and first people of color to the Moon, and pave way for the first humans to Mars. It is more important than ever for the United States to continue leading the world by forming international alliances, and establishing rules and norms that promote the peaceful and responsible usage of space.

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