NaNotics: A promising new way to combat age related diseases

Researchers Say they have found a way to combat age-related diseases using nanotechnology

NaNotics is another breakthrough that promises a new type of medication and claims to have discovered a way to fight age-related diseases. They are boldly going to places where nanotech has never gone before.

Lou Hawthorne, of NaNotics, LLC, opened his presentation during a recent event for longevity investors by using a Star Trek clip that shows Captain Kirk receiving a shot to restore him to his youthful years.

Hawthorne, CEO of NaNotics, asked: \”It is tempting to assume that it’s a medicine. But what if this syringe contained something new?\” \”NaNots is a new type of medicine. The drugs are designed to only do one thing, which is the holy grail in medicine design. Most medicines do two things, something that you want and something else you don’t. \”In other words, the side effects.\”


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