Moonshot Thinking and Quality of Life: Dr. Tim R. Peterson’s Approach to Mental Health, Aging, and Drug Repurposing

Dr. Tim R. Peterson – Moonshot Thinking for Aging, Mental health, And Drug Repurposing
Moonshot Thinking for Aging, Mental health, and Drug Re-purposing — Tim R. Peterson.

Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Tim R. Peterson PhD. Dr. Tim R. Peterson PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Washington University St. Louis.

Dr. Peterson received his biology doctorate at the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology.

Dr. Peterson’s lab is focused on quality of life issues that directly or indirectly affect everyone. His lab is particularly interested in aging (specifically, research into health span, the healthy period in one’s lifetime) and mental health/equality of mental health for all.

Dr. Peterson’s lab uses both molecular- and population-level methods to identify the causal factors that underlie these global health issues. His lab uses computational methods, including natural language processing, machine learning, and co-expression analyses, as well \”wet-lab approaches\” such as high throughput sequencing, CRISPR screen, and metabolomics.


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