Michael Lustgarten, Ph.D. in AMA live stream #1: Exploring the Science of Longevity

AMA Live Stream # 1
Michael Lustgarten, Phd. AMA on Yesterday’s Longevity

Questions about yesterday’s video and more…AMA

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0:51 What’s the optimal biomarker for those with low or high genetic markers?
3:59 Details about replicating the approach
6:59 EVOO
9:41 Carotid arterial thickness scan
Exercise routine 10:55
18:26 Sirtuins and longevity.
19:31 Blood testing can be used to determine which supplements are neutral, beneficial, or detrimental at n=1.
23:00 The devices I use
24:54 TG/HDL ratio.
Use of adaptogens and herbs.
30:00 Rapamycin.
Fish oil 33:23
35:30 What other fish are there besides Sardines?
37:12 Balance of taste and health
38:00 Tracking starch consumption?
40:50 Current macros
42:32 Thymus and immunosenescence are important.
45:04 What is optimal vitamin/mineral intake?
47:46 Take time off supplements before blood tests (or not).
49:52 Thoughts about genetic biomarkers
Add weights to biomarkers/Are all their effects equal during aging?
Cinnamon or biomarkers?
58:50 How to manage the diet/approach when in a social setting.
Oils and cooking.
1:01:45 Weights of biomarkers
1:03:05 Investigating the factors that surround thymus Hypertrophy.
1:04 Liposomal delivery, aging and ageing.
Find trusted sources of supplements.
1:08:00 Attia, Rhonda.
1:10:18 Health is not just about cardio.
Test ION at 1:11:05.
What if I do not beat the longevity record?
What would you bet on the anti-aging technology?
1:18:45 Liver detox.
What is the frequency of my junk food consumption?
1:21:10 Metformin.
1:22:50 Sauna.
What is the impact of blood donation on biological age at 1:24:41?
What is the upper limit of venous recovery following blood testing?
1:26.15 No cheating days for Christmas?
1:27:29 Next generation biological age clocks
1:31:09 Parabiosis.
1:33.19 CR cells and lymphocytes
1:36:27 Protein intake.
1:40 Cortisol, hormones and other factors.
Blood pressure.
TruAge clock 1:43.44
Noise in epigenetic tests.


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