Michael Greve Uncovers the Secrets of Rejuvenation: An In-Depth Look at Undoing Aging in 2018

Undoing Aging with Michael Greve

Nicola Bagala, from LEAF, conducted an interview in the lead-up to Undoing Aging 2018 to learn more about our foundation.

Undoing Aging 2018 Conference, as our readers are probably aware, will take place in Berlin from March 15-17, 2018. The conference will be held in the Umspannwerk Alexanderplatz. The purpose of the event is to bring together scientists who are working on repair-based treatments for aging, as well as give life sciences students – and anyone else interested – an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of current rejuvenation research.

The conference, which is organized by the Forever Healthy Foundation in conjunction with the SENS Research Foundation will include eminent speakers such as Dr. Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine; Dr. Kristen Fortney who is an expert in computational drug discovery and ageing biomarkers; and Dr. Michael West co-CEO and founder of Geron Corporation. Dr. James Kirkland a world-class specialist on cellular senescence, and Dr. Vera Gorbunova a pioneer UA2018, in addition to its educational and networking value, will undoubtedly contribute greatly to popularising this field of research. It will also help to spread awareness about age-related diseases, as well as the opportunity to finally control aging medically within a short timeframe.

LEAF will be there to cover the event and keep our readers informed. Our readers can also expect extensive coverage both during the event and after. To whet the appetite of our readers, we spoke with Forever Healthy CEO and founder Michael Greve to find out more about his foundation, and his involvement in life-extension.


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