Michael Greve doubles down on mission to accelerate Rejuvenation Biotechnology

The founder of Forever Healthy is doubling down on his mission to accelerate biotechnology for rejuvenation

This is a good investment.

Berlin, Germany — Michael Greve announced today that the Forever Healthy Foundation, and Kizoo Technology Ventures will invest an additional EUR300,000,000 in rejuvenation-biotech.

The funds will be distributed via Kizoo to support and create more startups within the rejuvenation sector. The funds will allow Kizoo maintain a strong focus on its key startups in the follow-up round and advance therapies from clinical research to public availability.

Michael Greve, Kizoo and their EUR300 million investment will help them to achieve their goal of speeding up the development of rejuvenation technology by investing in new repair-based approaches which treat the root cause of aging, and therefore overcome age-related illnesses. They hope to inspire scientists, investors and the public through the creation of successful businesses by showing that human rejuvenation can be achieved and that the therapies that result are simple and affordable.


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