Michael Antonov: From Virtual Reality to Longevity Biotechnology, he is taking on huge challenges

Michael Antonov – Formic Ventures – Taking on Huge Challenges – From VR to Longevity Biotechnology
From virtual reality technologists to longevity biotechnology investors, Formic Ventures is taking on big challenges.

Michael Antonov is the Founder and CEO of The Michael Antonov Foundation (https://antonovfoundation.org/), a charitable organization that supports biotechnology research and various causes that improve well being of people around the world, as well as Formic Ventures (https://formic.vc/index.html), an early stage high tech and biotech investment firm focused on prolonging human healthspan and empowering human creativity.

Michael is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and serial entrepreneur who loves to take on big challenges that can change lives. One of his passions is solving problems such as aging.

Michael worked as a technology executive before launching the foundation. He was most recently the Chief Software Architect and co-founder of Oculus acquired by Facebook. There, he revived the virtual reality industry. Michael was previously the co-founder of Scaleform and the CTO. This user interface software is used in hundreds of computer console and mobile games.

Michael graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in computer science. He is also a member of its alumni hall of honor.


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