Matt Kaeberlein, Lead Scientist of the Dog Aging Project, Interviewed

Dr. Matt Kaeberlein – The Dog Aging Project

A fascinating interview with Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, one of the Dog Aging Project’s lead scientists.

In a recent article, we talked about the new startup of Prof. George Church. However, efforts to reverse aging don’t just focus on humans. Research is being conducted in order to extend the lifespans of pets such as cats and dogs. The Dog Aging Project has been around for a lot longer than Prof. Church’s startup. Today, we are pleased to present an interview with Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, one of its lead scientists.

The DAP team will target aging directly, in a similar way to other projects that aim to prolong healthy human life. The rapid progress made in geroscience in recent years has led Dr. Kaeberlein’s team to believe that in the near term, interventions that were shown to slow aging in rats and mice could be used in our furry friends.

The DAP team includes Dr. Kaeberlein (who is a professor of pathology and an adjunct professor of both Genome Sciences and Oral Health Sciences, at the University of Washington, Seattle), Dr. Daniel Promislow (Professor of Pathology and Biology, at the University of Washington), Dr. Kate Crevy (Associate Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine, at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine), Dr. Tammi Kaeberlein (a research scientist in the Department of Pathology Department at University of Washington); Dr.


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